We’ve all known people who have fought cancer. It’s one of the biggest endurance challenges one can face. The 2711 mile race in Ride the Divide is a different kind of test of endurance and one that shows an uplifting story about individuals facing a unique long distance physical and mental struggle on a bike. As with Cancer, not everyone makes it to the finish line. But we give it our best shot and that’s why we thought it was a good match and very important to support a cause we all care deeply about. As this film makes its rounds, we’re dedicated to benefiting LIVESTRONG through the sales of this film in the following ways:

1) For every DVD or Blu-ray purchased through our website, we’ll donate $1.00 to LIVESTRONG. Visit our store.

2) Buy a Living Room LIVESTRONG screening package. 50% proceeds donated to LIVESTRONG immediately. Lots of great schwag inside a limited edition box.

3) We offer special deals on our Host A Screening Packages (sometimes free) for LIVESTRONG benefit screenings.

4) We’ve got some big, worldwide online events in the fall where we’ll be donating 1/2 our proceeds to LIVESTRONG.

5) We have a team raising money through direct donations to LIVESTRONG. Please join and consider supporting.