Here’s a list of the latest buzz (news, PR, blog postings) on Ride the Divide:

One of the most inspiring REAL cycling movies I have seen in a long time.UpaDowna.

If you have the opportunity to see Ride The Divide, you really should!Cycle & Style.

In a word? Fantastic. In more words? Moving, funny, inspiring.Epic Riding – Grizzly Adam.

The cinematography was stunning. – Adventure Cycling Association

My hat is off to these inspiring nutjobs – Chris Doelle

Glad this film crew documented it – Clint Claassen

The audience gave the movie a standing ovation. – Grant County Beat

What Weeks said he did not want was “bike porn” – OC Weekly

Kick-ass feature filmVail Daily.

Mike Dion interview – Bicycle Radio (iTunes)

…scored best adventure film at the Vail Film Festival – Independent Record

A major distraction in the filmmaker’s cubicle led to the film… – Daily Camera

It’s very much an underground race, an informal gathering… – Telluride Daily Planet

there’s more than 200,000 feet of climbing overall – GetGoing NC

Ride the Divide Movie Premiers in Vail – Cycling News.

Mountain biking documentary follows riders through North America’s highest mountains – Monterey County Weekly